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Our aim is to provide a one stop shop and be your guide from the time you kick start your business to assist you in preparation of financial records. We offer the following:

Incorporation decision

Are you thinking of starting a new business and are uncertain whether to incorporate or not? Our team at KAP Professionals will walk you through the pros and cons of incorporating. We will help design a personalized portfolio to help you decide whether it is in your best interest to incorporate, operate in a partnership or as a sole proprietor by considering various factors. These factors include, and not limited to, annual earnings, family income, tax considerations, future growth and personal goals.

Business registration and setup

Are you ready to start a business and need assistance with registration and setup? Our team of professionals will be your guide in ensuring the right documentation for business registration, business name search, CRA account setup, banking setup, creating and maintaining business records.

Forecasting and Budgeting

If you are running a tight ship or are applying for a business loan, you will need to prepare a detailed and accurate budget and forecast plan. At KAP Professionals, we work with you to lay out plans for what the business wants to achieve, how it will achieve it, analyze spending and look at historical trends for accurate forecasting. We walk our clients through budgets that may not be achievable and set realistic goals with focus on periodic growth.

Business Valuation

Are you selling your business or looking to reinvest? We provide professional guidance in assessing valuation of a business by evaluating the operations, sales, financials, market value of all assets, capital structure, future earnings, market competition and other.

Risk Management

Are you aware of existing or emerging risks that your company is exposed to? At KAP Professionals, we can assist in identifying, assessing and controlling threats that your company may be exposed to. These threats could stem from many sources and could impact your company's capital and earnings. As such, it is in the company's best interest to prepare for the unexpected by minimizing potential risks and costs before they occur.

Internal Controls Assessment

Our team of professionals can assess the existing control environment and propose controls to enhance operational efficiency, improve the reliability of financial reporting and eliminate the potential risk of fraud.